No Easy Immortality

Book Review

No Easy Immortality by J. H Reyner

This book is a breakthrough in the understanding of
life. Amid the turmoil of events many people have
an innate conviction that existence has a purpose
beyond the pursuit of material success. This indeed
is indicated in both legend and religion but the
practical man or woman finds the idea remote and i
nterprets it as implying that life is merely a preparation
for some future state of enlightenment.

The author who is a scientist of repute, challenges
this view, maintainig=ng that it is based on an
illusion of the senses. There is clear evidence that
the body is only a temporary habitation for a
spiritual soulwhich continues to exis after death,
yet the question remains, "Why is our sojourn on
earth necessary at all?". NO EASY IMMORTALITY
explains that earthly life is infact a seach for a suitable
material to nourish the soul. This 'psychological' material is

not available free of charge but has to be paid for by a

special kind of effort involving, not the negation of life, but
rather a conscious partucipation in its events.

Pursuing this idea it becomes clear that enlightenment
is not restricted to a future state but is attainable -
indeed only attainable - here and now. If the soul is to
fulfil its destiny it has to learn how to utilise to the
full all available experiences. Until this has been done
it cannot claim any true immortality.

In clear simple language the author conveys a wealth
of inspiring ideas which, because they challenge our
habitual interpretation of life, require careful thought
and attention, but this is the price which the Universe
for the surrender of its own secret.

J. H Reyner


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