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TANTRA - A Spiritual Path of Ecstasy

There are a number of different definitions of tantra from various viewpoints. Rather than a single coherent system, Tantra is an accumulation of practices and ideas which has among its characteristics the use of ritual, the use of the mundane to access the supramundane and the identification of the microcosm (a small, complete world) with the macrocosm(a complex structure containing smaller worlds). Tantra on the other hand is sexuality as a divine rite and an expression of union or yoga. At one time, long before so-called civilization permeated our culture, humans cultivated this pleasure to transcend into higher dimensions of consciousness, beyond the material, animal orgasm. Thousands of years ago, people had achieved a high degree of awareness and an alchemical formula for converting what we know as sex energy -- called by many names such as Chi, vital force, soul, etc. -using it to enter into a state of Divinity. Their spiritual philosophy held sexuality as a divine rite and an e