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We The Living

I can't help but wonder where   WE THE LIVING are headed this coming political dispensation. Oh Nigeria how my heart bleeds for you! So great yet so little, so rich yet so poor Wish we all would understand that our thoughts and deeds though hidden they may be, shappen our one small world, Nigeria The spirit of Nigeria is strong and enduring Like planet Gaia in protection of her children is Nigeria calling and beckoning; Give me Love Love unassuming, love encompassing and I shall tend thy greatest needs. Mind, Body & Spirit Development Imagined or not I do not know. But me think I get the looks from foreigners. Is it fear, caution, automati distrust? I do not care so muh for their thoughts but the knowledge that I Am who I Am, Love, Beauty, strength and compassion. Man or demon may not hange that. LOL!^** It is time Nigerians. Lets take the responsibilities of our future into your hands. No more blaming anybody but ourselves in failure; for a part of ou