Alas, The Secret

So the secret is in the brain (the thought) and the unscalable emotions (the mind) It re-arranges the particles of being I feel every fiber of the body re-arranging as my emotions and my thought merges, in one to dance as to the Tango entangling, energies that vibrate the very core of being I feel like rising into the horizon screaming, In ecstasy the whole of my being emerging with the universe as one, thoughts of love and strength, and wholeness filled my essence as my body wracked with pain and ecstacy I raised up my voice to the whole world Yes I AM! I am who I am. A creature of light

Is this my life?

What is it we are afraid of? Why do we want to be accepted by people? Why do we seek approval from others? Why do people make us look bad for them to look good. There are subtle lies and incomplete truth. How do we triumph against this enemy without form or name, conceded by void Where is the light to give meaning to this sweet, oh sweet Life borne of Love The masters have spoken it endlessly it is like what is outside that which is inside Peter has the key within the temple of the Holy One Eli made it doubly balanced The number is 4 doubly seated it is at the gate of the temple at Delphi "Nosce te ipsum" Know thyself !!

Have Patience and a Plan

Have Patience and a plan - the keyword is in the word Patience. Faith is patience. Patience is waiting, and while you are waiting, LIVING. ( A new way of Thinking by Charles Roth ) “And which of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life’s span?” Therefore patience is living completely in the present moment, drinking of the goodness thereof, knowing that abundant good is on its way and being thankful for it. Formulating our plan is easy. We see the vision, build and hold it consistently in our mind. Aginst all odds, even when we have wandered long enough in the desert searching for water, but our bucket is still bone dry and dusty, and we doubt and question whether the energy put forward to keep on going is really worth it, when nothing we have tried in our spiritual bag of tricks has worked thus far. Just know, know in the deepest part of your being, with every particle of your being that this vision is potentially possible, the beauty of it is that you don't even

The Giver

The Giver Would  rather the Giver be Painfully it is mirrored to Ask All too-many faceted Self emerged from self Attribute to the One, The Architect, and duplicity it's nature Getting lost Needing,  demanding.   Detachment, be the key The cosmic gave essence to experience This dimension, Metallic be the feel Vast with myriad of Passages How the soul yearns To consciousness emerge This  dark, dark world Full of secrets, Untold be the tales Self unto self converged, Convoluted, Introspected  Detachment from what thou didst possesth  Alignment, fluidity, liquidity, 

Eyes Blinked

Eyes Blinked It was opened. Like a window. Eyes Blinked and then, a steering There was awareness of self An endless entity;  Encompassing Borne within and without self Let it be what it is. Being is forever taking salient form emerging ever  so slowly revering in what is, is not. I am who I am  A creation of light.

Adam and Eve: the human condition

GENESIS REVISITED - a new beginning The story of Adam and Eve may depict man's fall from the comfort of living in blameless ignorance, but it also describes his first - thanks to woman - courageous step on the long and difficult journey towards greater awareness (of himself, of others, and of the world at large) and responsibility, away from ignorance and the instinctive, blameless behaviour of his animal nature. It is high-time that we exchanged Yahweh for a more enlightened (concept of) God. Instead of cursing them, this is what my God (with more than 2000 years of hindsight  (When God Was a Woman (Harvest/HBJ Book) ) , after sending her unworthy husband away, might have said to Eve: Red Moon Curiosity and the desire for knowledge and awareness have led you to disobey me, but I like your courageous and independent spirit, which is in contrast to your obedient and wimp of a  husband. You have started to become conscious of yourself, of others and of the world about you.