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Is this my life?

What is it we are afraid of? Why do we want to be accepted by people? Why do we seek approval from others? Why do people make us look bad for them to look good. There are subtle lies and incomplete truth. How do we triumph against this enemy without form or name, conceded by void Where is the light to give meaning to this sweet, oh sweet Life borne of Love The masters have spoken it endlessly it is like what is outside that which is inside Peter has the key within the temple of the Holy One Eli made it doubly balanced The number is 4 doubly seated it is at the gate of the temple at Delphi "Nosce te ipsum" Know thyself !!

Have Patience and a Plan

Have Patience and a plan - the keyword is in the word Patience. Faith is patience. Patience is waiting, and while you are waiting, LIVING. ( A new way of Thinking by Charles Roth ) “And which of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life’s span?” Therefore patience is living completely in the present moment, drinking of the goodness thereof, knowing that abundant good is on its way and being thankful for it. Formulating our plan is easy. We see the vision, build and hold it consistently in our mind. Aginst all odds, even when we have wandered long enough in the desert searching for water, but our bucket is still bone dry and dusty, and we doubt and question whether the energy put forward to keep on going is really worth it, when nothing we have tried in our spiritual bag of tricks has worked thus far. Just know, know in the deepest part of your being, with every particle of your being that this vision is potentially possible, the beauty of it is that you don't even