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Breaking News - Stepping Out!

Been sitting at my computer for a while now. Wondering how to break this news. What have I really been up to for the past two years? Researching online business, testing solutions, losing money, messing up other aspects of my life, my business, my spirituality, oh, I was totally lost.I could site a lot of reasons for that but they are all excuses. Well then, Since 1996 this idea got implanted and brewed in me but there seem to be no source for expression, rather, so I thought! This Story is for another day Ok then, enough of dilly dallying. All I will say is, If you have ever thought kindly of me, or even passing by. Then follow the white RABBIT by clicking below. He he he or you can post it on your wall, like it, or send it to your friend list. Ok o o o. Na today I go sabi who my naija brothers and sisters.

Cause, Precepts and Ideas

All is given equally. It is application of the principles of Life that produces different effects. To overcome these effects the cause must be delved into. Cause is that whose action is based on precepts, preconceived ideas. Philosophy of Mind Where do these ideas originate from?  Why are some seemingly blessed and others not? What is that force that takes a man to the next level, beyond limits and endurance? Where is it's origin and how does it exist? Time Cause Causation. Is the Soul the Absolute.

Life is Being!

I guess I went AWOL. It's been long since I posted anything here. Anyway, Life's taken on a new meaning for me. Thoughts come, feelings come and I WONDER! All I know is that He runs the life of people to fulfil my destiny. A New Earth: Create a Better Life Then the LORD answered me and said, "Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run". ( Habakkuk 2:2 New American Standard Bible (©1995) Life is Being! The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

We The Living

I can't help but wonder where   WE THE LIVING are headed this coming political dispensation. Oh Nigeria how my heart bleeds for you! So great yet so little, so rich yet so poor Wish we all would understand that our thoughts and deeds though hidden they may be, shappen our one small world, Nigeria The spirit of Nigeria is strong and enduring Like planet Gaia in protection of her children is Nigeria calling and beckoning; Give me Love Love unassuming, love encompassing and I shall tend thy greatest needs. Mind, Body & Spirit Development Imagined or not I do not know. But me think I get the looks from foreigners. Is it fear, caution, automati distrust? I do not care so muh for their thoughts but the knowledge that I Am who I Am, Love, Beauty, strength and compassion. Man or demon may not hange that. LOL!^** It is time Nigerians. Lets take the responsibilities of our future into your hands. No more blaming anybody but ourselves in failure; for a part of ou

Salute The Rising Sun

As I extend beyond myself into the unknown I saw time and space within my consciousness The people and their culture The emotions like Jacobs ladder as he envisioned the angels descending  and acsending the ladder as when we try to atune with the I AM Knowing the greater consciousness We like Jacob shall taste of His fruit. Behold my people standing with hands extended in salute of the rising sun. Signifiance of a new begining, of awe at the wonders of mother nature feeding us in all totality, seeping through every pore living and non living. I am you and you are me in all totality His eternal vibratory spirit seeping through our core. The all-pervasiveness of His ancient wisdom. I am who I am Searching for the real Jesus:Jesus,the Dead Sea Scrolls and other religious themes

Knowing not Negation

. . .and I saw the forms of beasts taking and changing forms through eons; the chetha, the fox, the boar, the camelon, the ape, the chimpazee, the mouse, the early man. And suddenly there I was standing, and I suddenly saw the growth of Man in his present form. Knowing, not Negation! We are everything and everything is us. I am you and you are me. The pain, the hurt, angony, surprises, the delights, and ecstacy. God is One and One is All. The magic of the day comes but swiftly taking you unaware, and you lose the moments. Moments are our treasures; how do we create them? Knowing, not Negation!