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Who am I?

Who am I? I keep wondering.  The answer returned to me blank. It cannot be blank or, can it? My name is Hoselita . . . It doesn't quiet say who I am does it? It is just a name. It could have been Mabel, faith... So what now. Ok this is my body, my hand, my spine So what is it that claims this body, this face as "mine" My thought spiralled through aeons path threaded Choas and darkness, yet the answer returned to me void. Through passages, shapes, wave of colour,  meandering all around me, pathing ways, Consciousness taking flight to planes unknown, To regions without name or form. Just the sound of Omm, the vibrations of all forms  and worlds trying to take shape, to come to be Knowing that as soon as I thrust my consciousness  downward it will eventually solidify The I that claims this body of mine, my face, my soul . . . Is it the feeling of nothingness or all encompassing  feeling of universality What do I rea