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The Realisation of Self

There are messages hidden in the open; yet seemingly secret places; for those who yearn, those who seek truth and love Yearning for the fulness of being, of life. That feeling of being alive, of just being, not being brave, smart or cool. A state without thought, worry or fear. Learning to feel the body and the aliveness. Hearing with the body and stilling the mind. Such a wonderful feeling of relaxation, strength, knowing and aliveness Eckhart Tolle explains a simple way of anchoring yourself in the present moment.  The Power of Now Knowing you are already who you are at this moment, how to "listen with your entire body", while working with the body, mind, and attention in order to merge with this moment There is no tomorow, but an illussion. Because when tomorrow comes you are already living in it so it now He points to those unconscious patterns that keep us from accessing the deeper intelligence within. It explores our highest purpose in life