The Birth Of A Dream (1)

Just sat in front of the system wondering
where to start from, What kind of report I am
expected to give on the tour.

Well I am following my instinct!

Hmm . . . where do I start from? . . .

How do I say thank you for all the wonders
shown to me by God?

As I decided that I shall go no further
looking for Him, my business going beautiful
but my inner man in shambles because I needed
certain questions answered.

Nobody understood me. No where to turn to.
My heart yearns. Oh how it yearns for
understanding, knowledge wisdom. I get
glimpses sometimes but I needed to put
it in one "whole" picture. ..."but how?"

Who, what where is God? How do I become one
with God? It was the birth of an idea that
if I am a part of God then I must be a mini

After that, it was a whole new experience of
correlating my souls yearning to the teachings.

A whole new world.
A new fantastic point of view.
No one to tell me no, where to stop ,
or say that I am only dreaming.

A place where dreams come to life.
And so was the birth of one of my dreams


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