Consciously Creating My Circumstances

Memoirs Of Yesterday
Copyright © Hoselita Ikoli

Going through my diary I found this and thought
I should share this with the world. Now we are building
our own home and settled

This is the worst of my nightmares.
I sleep with my kids in a rat infested house.
There are rats running along the window seal.
Rats in the wardrope, cupboards and shelves,
and damn it, even on my bed.

What state have found myself?
What have I contributed to make it so?
I asked myself as thoughts and memory spiralled through the
ever darkened tunnel of true soul searching, thoughts burst forth
into bright particles of piercing lights, that passes through the
very depth of the soul and ravaging it beyound endurance.

Who Am I? I asked myself.
Who is Hoselita Ikoli?

This is the dawn of reality.
I could see how my actions and thoughts had brought me where I am.
But with all this is the beauty of the true man; true to self.
The I that remains with me when all else diminishes'.

And then I seem to fore-know all events that will lead (dominate) my life

About the Author:
Awakening The Consciousness Of Man
To Its Fullest Potential To Create 
A Harmonious and Balanced Society


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