The Eight Pillars of Prosperity

Eight Pillars of Prosperity
By James Allen

Financial empowerment and prosperity is popularly supposed to rest upon an immoral foundation, e.g. sharp practices, deception and greed. We must understand that the natural world is the mental world made visible. The seen is the mirror of the unseen. The upper half of a circle is in no way different from the lower half but its sphericity is reversed. The material and mental are not two detached arcs in the universe they are the two half of a complete circle. The natural and the spiritual are no at eternal enmity, but in the true order of the universe are eternally one.
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Every process in matter is also a process in mind. Every natural law has its spiritual; counterpart. A seed follows the process of germination, grows into a plant, develops flowers and back to seed again. THIS IS A MENTAL PROCESS. Thoughts are seeds which, falling in the soil of the mind, germinate and develop until they reach complete stage, blossoming into deeds good or bad, brilliant or stupid, according to their nature and ending as seeds of thoughts to be again sown in other mind. Only by ordering one’s deed in accordance with fixed principles will there be perfect surety, perfect security, perfect peace in this our uncertain and tempestuous environment

Once we understand these physical principles and see the wisdom in obeying them. We should then put into consideration the spiritual principles which are as well simple, just as eternally true and perfect

In mind as in matter, in thoughts as in things, in deeds as in natural process, whether we are aware of this or not, if ignored can lead to disaster, and defeat.

Matter = Mathematics

Mind = Moral

One cannot live without the other

The Eight Pillars of Prosperity upon which our houses are built

* Energy
* Economy
* Integrity
* System
* Sympathy
* Sincerity
* Impartiality
* Self reliance

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