Barak Obama - The Dream Of A New World


The world needs a change
A change from the norm
The norm of a selected few
To know they can do it

You have been chosen.
It is not a race for power
but a race of will, strength
the strength to will, to be

The bring into reality
the dream of the everyday man
that there is hope in dreams,
there is life, light and love

This love exist within all
It must come into reality
A reality etched out by the
very essence of our soul.

Barak Obama, the baton is in your hand
To give hope to the fallen, the hopeless
to those who do not believe in life.
You must look ahead and not to the side.

For at the sides are distraction.
Do not lose that innocence within
For the God of your heart and realisation
gives to you what thou willest.

Watch the content of your heart and belief
Flow with the knowing and realisation
that all that thou willest is thine
For devolution precedes evolution

This is to Barak Obama
The Dream Of A New World.

Hoselita Ikoli


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