A short Intro . . . A creature of light

Hello and Welcome to my New Site.

A place to unfold my dream
An abode for the yearning of my soul

I have a dream.
I am a creature of light

To Be and Be Behold
Growing in spirit and in stature
Upholding the diverse elements
Of life's superior Essence.

Everything is good
The mind fathoms what is
We a creators according to His will
The will of the inner man

I have a dream
I am a creature of light

The inner man beckons so often
If we could only listen to the whispers
The cosmos and the soul are One and All
We are one with the divine essence.

I Am Who I Am
A creature of light

Elantra Tantra

""...even without success,
creative persons find joy in a job
well done. Learning for its own sake
is rewarding..."-- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi"


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