Monday, 25 July 2011

Adam and Eve: the human condition

GENESIS REVISITED - a new beginning

The story of Adam and Eve may depict man's fall from the comfort of living in blameless ignorance, but it also describes his first - thanks to woman - courageous step on the long and difficult journey towards greater awareness (of himself, of others, and of the world at large) and responsibility, away from ignorance and the instinctive, blameless behaviour of his animal nature.

It is high-time that we exchanged Yahweh for a more enlightened (concept of) God. Instead of cursing them, this is what my God (with more than 2000 years of hindsight (When God Was a Woman (Harvest/HBJ Book)), after sending her unworthy husband away, might have said to Eve:

Red Moon
Curiosity and the desire for knowledge and awareness have led you to disobey me, but I like your courageous and independent spirit, which is in contrast to your obedient and wimp of a  husband.

You have started to become conscious of yourself, of others and of the world about you. This means that you must learn to take responsibility for you own behaviour. You will become aware of primitive thoughts, feeling and inclinations which stem from your animal nature. You are not responsible for them, but for what you do. It is your behaviour that you must learn to control, in accordance with the more enlightened human nature, which will develop in you to progressively replace your primitive animal nature.

Your descendants will learn to understand the workings of the world, making great discoveries and inventions along the way. Used wisely and responsibly these will make life much easier for them, greatly reducing hardship and suffering; used vainly and irresponsibly, they will cause great harm. One of the most useful - but if misused, also most harmful - inventions will be called money.

 There will be times when you will despair. Trust me. Over time I will help you to transcend your primitive animal nature, your evil inclinations, your ignorance, fears and vanity. I will increase your understanding and love, and give you the strength and courage needed to do justice to the name that your descendents will one day prematurely give to human kind:  Homo sapiens, wise man.

Friday, 24 June 2011

The Realisation of Self

There are messages hidden in the open; yet seemingly secret
places; for those who yearn, those who seek truth and love

Yearning for the fulness of being, of life. That feeling of
being alive, of just being, not being brave, smart or cool.

A state without thought, worry or fear. Learning to feel
the body and the aliveness. Hearing with the body and
stilling the mind.

Such a wonderful feeling of relaxation, strength,
knowing and aliveness

Eckhart Tolle explains a simple way of anchoring
yourself in the present moment. The Power of Now

Knowing you are already who you are at this moment,
how to "listen with your entire body", while working
with the body, mind, and attention in order to merge
with this moment There is no tomorow, but an illussion.
Because when tomorrow comes you are already living in
it so it now

He points to those unconscious patterns that keep us
from accessing the deeper intelligence within.

It explores our highest purpose in life and how meditations
can help us attain it with The Realization of Being

Words are useful signposts, Eckhart begins, but our main
spiritual teacher is stillness.

This powerful energy field is always available to us
through meditation.  As we go beyond the need for thought,
we achieve the meditative state of no mind or presence that is
effortless, joyful, and natural.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Who am I?

Who am I? I keep wondering. 
The answer returned to me blank.
It cannot be blank or, can it?

My name is Hoselita . . .
It doesn't quiet say who I am does it?

It is just a name. It could have been Mabel, faith...
So what now. Ok this is my body, my hand, my spine
So what is it that claims this body, this face as "mine"

My thought spiralled through aeons path threaded
Choas and darkness, yet the answer returned to me void.

Through passages, shapes, wave of colour, 
meandering all around me, pathing ways,
Consciousness taking flight to planes unknown,
To regions without name or form.

Just the sound of Omm, the vibrations of all forms 
and worlds trying to take shape, to come to be

Knowing that as soon as I thrust my consciousness 
downward it will eventually solidify

The I that claims this body of mine, my face, my soul . . .
Is it the feeling of nothingness or all encompassing 
feeling of universality

What do I really feel? 
It is the feeling of all and nothing

It just is!

It melts away and becomes everything.
As fluid as water but not water as fleeting as time but not time
As wide and all encompassing as the smallest particles of being 
but can be seen bursting through nature, exuding brilliant lights, 
trying to take shape, assume a shade, moving like waves of colou.r

Is this life?
Is this my reality
Is this who I am?
Nothing and everything?

I am who I am. A creation of light