Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Path of Immortality

Hoselita Ikoli
Awakening The Consciousness Of Man


"Earnestness, said a Great Teacher, is the path of immortality.
They who are in earnest do not die; they who are not in earnest are
as if dead already."

Earnestness is the dedication of the entire mind to its task. . . .
Earnest people are dissatisfied with anything short of the highest
excellence in whatever they do, and they always reach that
excellence. . . . The whole world is always on the lookout to reward
the best. It always stands ready to pay the full price, whether in money,
fame, friends, influence, happiness, scope, or life, for that which is
surpassing excellence.

James Allen, best known for his book As a Man Thinketh, lasted
only nine years, but he was able to pen 19 books in that period.
Allen died in 1912 and the year before wrote Eight Pillars of Prosperity


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Vessel Of My Earthly Experience

Copyright © Hoselita Ikoli

Oh man, composed of spirit vibrations.
Thou shalt be my temple and I thy guardian.
For thou art the cross to which I am transposed.
I shall clean thee and make thee of good use to me.

Thou shall serve me well and I SHALL KEEP THEE HOLY
Thou art a vessel for my earthly experience.
I need thee to transcend. I shall make thee my strength
and thou shall serve the master within.

I am but crucified unto thee.
I shall elevate thee to transcend the mundane.
I am hopeful about thee. I shall love thee and
make beauty of Thy temple

I am but transposed in thee.

Awakening The Consciousness Of Man
To Its Fullest Potential To Create
A Harmonious and Balanced Society